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Release Date: Japan_01/03/2008

Creator: Akihisa Ikeda

Studio: Gonzo

Genre: comedy, fantasy, romance, supernatural, parody

Themes: high-school life, monsters, vampires, witches, magic, fan service, harem

Number of Episodes: 13 (25 minutes x 13 episodes = 325 minutes)


Tsukune Aono is a normal high school freshman who is unable to get into any private school, due to his dismal grades. The only school he is finally accepted into turns out to be a secret school for supernatural monsters and mythical creatures (yokai) who are disguised as humans. He quickly becomes friends with the beautiful Moka Akashiya who turns out to be a vampire attracted to the sweet taste of his blood (and Tsukune’s only, it turns out). While at first Moka was upset upon discovering that Tsukune was actually a human, she realizes that he’s the first real friend she had ever made. Tsukune quickly realizes his admission into a monster school must have been a mistake and fears for his life.


TSUKUNE AONO episode 01


Personality: high voiced, lame, nice, caring, gets stronger as series progresses

Significance: main character

Scary dead tree forests, cliff by blood-red lake, cemeteries, red night when
Moka transforms into a true vampire, monster high school (Yokai Academy),
classroom, newspaper classroom, outside environment of Yokai Academy, infirmary,
all environments are halloween themed


Let me start out by saying that the manga of Rosario+Vampire is pretty decent so don’t let how bad the anime is stop you from reading the manga. Anyway, most of the reason why Rosario+Vampire is bad is because of how much pointless fan service there is. About every minute of each episode, especially in the action scenes, are panty shots. But fan service not a totally bad thing because fan service can actually make certain scenes funny; it’s if there is too much fan service that makes an anime like Rosario+Vampire annoying. Another problem I have with Rosario+Vampire is the monsters. Though the story is fiction so the creator can come up with whatever kind of monsters he wants, it’s the fact that the creator states in the beginning of Rosario+Vampire that he has always liked monsters, especially monsters from myths and legends; it’s obvious that the creator didn’t read any myths and legends because a lot of the monsters don’t sound real to me. Also, Rosario+Vampire bothers me even more by taking a world of monsters and combining a human school life theme to the story; it’s not that doing it’s wrong, it’s just why would any monster want to have a human school life is beyond me.


Rosario+Vampire Capu 2 (Japan release)

My Rating: 1starvector

Relation: sequel to Rosario+Vampire