My Rating: 5starsvector

Release Dates: Japan_04/01/1998

Creator: Yashirow Nightow

Studio: Madhouse

Genre: action, comedy, drama, science-fiction

Themes: post-apocalyptic, space, wild-west

Number of Episodes: 26 (30 minutes x 26 episodes = 780 minutes)


On a desert planet scorched by twin suns, bounty hunters scour the planet looking for “Vash The Stampede”, the legendary gunman with a $60,000,000,000 bounty placed on his head! Vash has been credited with the destruction of several towns, but miraculously, there is no record of him ever taking a life. However, only two things ever happen to those who catch up to Vash: they either crawl away wounded (mostly from self-inflicted damage), or they stagger away in disbelief that such a dork could possibly be the man they were looking for!


MERYL STRYFE episode 01


Personality: woman with attitude, kind, caring, controlling, and overpowering,
small people pack big power.

Significance: love interest to main character (Vash), kind of a mentor too

desert-like planet, wild-west towns and caravans, deserted towns/ghost towns,
wild-west mixed with futuristic technology environments.


Where I Started Watching: adult swim (2003)

Number of Times Watched: 7 (2003-2009)

Favorite Episodes: all episodes

Trigun is a weird series to follow because the main character (Vash The Stampede) is a bad main character. I think where Trigun really shines is with the villains. The villains ¬†have such better personalities and powers where as Vash may have an ironic personality, but his personality just feels like any other normal hero’s personality; and Vash’s power is not that great. Though the villains do not appear very much in the series compared to Vash, they leave more of an impression than Vash does. For example, the vice-boss’s of the villain’s name is Lagato Bluesummers. Lagato’s powers come from special metal threads of only a few molecules thick that he weaved into the skull that he wears on his left arm. The metal threads come out of his left arm and are able to control his victims bodies by dispensing electricity through his victim’s muscles; Lagato can take over an entire town with ease. On the other hand, Vash’s powers come from his angel arm, which he got when he was born (Vash is a genetically engineered human). Vash’s angel arm is a really big and powerful beam gun that he rarely ever uses. Now doesn’t Lagato’s powers sound a lot cooler than Vash’s powers; And Lagato Bluesummers is such a better name than Vash the Stampede. The villains leave more of an impression than Vash does, which is kind of a problem with Trigun. But that does not mean Trigun is a bad series. I love the wild-west theme of the story a lot and I love that Trigun is hand-drawn.